Message from Michael – our Founder

HeartBug was created for you – the patients.

Our mission is to provide you with the best cardiac monitoring on the planet in the most friendly and caring way possible.

So we invented a tiny personal ECG monitor which you can wear for up to 4 weeks (28 days) and assembled a team of cardiologists to analyse the results (not just normal cardiologists, but specialist electrophysiologist cardiologists.)

We think we’re doing great, but you don’t have to believe me – check out the latest reviews below.

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John StarickJohn Starick
07:16 17 Apr 24
Charlie BurnessCharlie Burness
00:27 17 Apr 24
The Heart Bug team are a very caring, professional group. Their communication and support throughout the experience was exceptional and this made what would otherwise be a tedious task a pleasant one
Rosa ScolloRosa Scollo
03:17 16 Apr 24
I had a very good experienceStaff were very helpful and in constant contact to make sure everything was going wellThank you Heartbug team
James WardJames Ward
06:00 15 Apr 24
54yr old Male,6 week journey after having 2 strokes to the Cerebellum (balance part of your brain)Week 3 received a HeartBug (named mine VDub) from the HB team.Everything was explained in a very professional manner & put into layman’s terms as I had difficulty storing information after my stroke so very grateful time was taken & only left when they knew I understood everything.Very well designed (even though it occasionally can become disconnected from the pads in your sleep) spare sticky pads are provided. Personally suffering anxiety all my life the HeartBug gave me subconscious peace of mind knowing I was being kind of monitored/looked after when no-one was around. Very clear & precise communication too via the app & text messaging service.Thanks again HB Team.Regards,James.
Elizabeth MitchellElizabeth Mitchell
02:47 12 Apr 24
Being told that you need to wear a Heart Bug for an extended time is scary enough, even though you know it is the best way to assess how your heart is working. Finding that wearing one properly was not always so simple, was disconcerting.I contacted the Heart Bug team and sent pics, to find the best way of wearing the sticky connectors, that had been falling off too easily. The team was so patient and helpful and they taught me how best to get the Bug to work. They willingly worked through the issue with me until we found a solution - and they were caring and friendly - not annoyed at my questions. I truly felt supported. Thanks Heart Bug team! ❤️
I have been extremely pleased with the staff at Heart Bug. They have at all times been very responsive.
Barry LeeBarry Lee
08:44 11 Apr 24
I have found the Heartbug team are caring and offer the best care to help there patients get there best prognosis to assist there Doctor for there ongoing treatment. I ❤️ them.
Jeanie LeserJeanie Leser
02:06 11 Apr 24
Carole HolmesCarole Holmes
07:29 09 Apr 24
Thank you to the team of HeartBug . I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful caring staff, so very very professional and so very helpful.They answered all my questions and sent out new stickers when I needed them.I am very grateful for your wonderful service . The HeartBug was an awesome device so easy to wear and extremely efficient. Thank you kindly Carole Holmes.
Sebastian PerezSebastian Perez
04:40 04 Apr 24
The bug itself was a struggle. Left lacerations on my skin and now scared . The people were extremely helpful. Very nice 5 stars to them .
Libby HardyLibby Hardy
08:57 03 Apr 24
The HeartBug was easy to wear. Good communication with HeartBug staff when needed. I would fully recommend this 28 day programme. Thank you.
Greg ElliottGreg Elliott
05:37 03 Apr 24
I believe when you receive professional advice and support you should recognise the organisation or person's involved. It is very comforting when you feel you are being looked after. To often you are only a number but with the advice I have received from HeartBug I am very grateful for their assistance and advice I have received. 10 out of the 10 from me. Regards Greg Elliott.
Narelle RoughleyNarelle Roughley
05:15 02 Apr 24
I totally recommend the Heart Bug for everyone that has a heart condition because it gives him a peace of mind and it’s on them monitoring 24 seven for 28 days. It’s absolutely a terrific technology. Thank you Heart Bug for everything that you have done to try and find out what has happened to my heart And it will be grateful my heart specialist find out what is the best treatment in the future thank you So very much really appreciate everything and what you have done. Cheers Narelle Roughley
Johnathon KodiakJohnathon Kodiak
00:01 02 Apr 24
Very easy to use comfortable I had a few allergic reactions to the stickers but then you would expect to those types of things tend to irritate the skin easy enough just to take the stickers off and clean the area and put a new sticker in a slightly different place no big deal no trouble keeping is on during sleep customer service was friendly fast and efficient million times better then the Holter heart monitor no stress during the whole month of using the heart bug and it was cute LoL 🤣
Cheryl JamesCheryl James
23:10 01 Apr 24
Staff at Heart Bug are excellent.
Frances McEwenFrances McEwen
04:35 28 Mar 24
Bernadette TapscottBernadette Tapscott
20:49 22 Mar 24
I can’t thank the HeartBug team enough for months long support and patience making sure it was working properly to get the most accurate data needed. Greatly appreciated all the messages and contact that kept me connected accurately. Awesome team doing an amazing job
Vicki RobbVicki Robb
03:01 19 Mar 24
Fitting of the Heart Bug monitor was quick and easy. Everything was explained to me - how it works what to do if there's a problem. Non-invasive so no problems wearing it. Communication with the Heart Bug Team was great👍
Kym MillerKym Miller
04:06 18 Mar 24
The service level during a four week monitoring period was exceptionally highAnd pleasant !
Mel SmithMel Smith
05:47 12 Mar 24
I wore a Heartbug for one month and the time actually went by really quickly! I didn’t have to make too many changes to my life, it was easy to use the app and the Heartbug team sent friendly texts whenever they needed to get in touch with me.My skin got a little bit irritated, but I was able to move the sticker to a slightly different area so it wasn’t as bad.Overall I had a really good experience and think it’s a fantastic way to do 24/7 monitoring.
Ken MillerKen Miller
01:18 12 Mar 24
Service was outstanding, helpful staff and exceptional response to my enquiries! 5 stars.
Tanya HardinTanya Hardin
23:34 11 Mar 24
HeartBug was very easy to wear & did not get in the way at all. The support is very good with the HeartBug team replying to questions extremely quickly & also letting you know if the connections were not getting through. Highly recommend!!!!
Lynne McnabLynne Mcnab
04:24 11 Mar 24
Very caring and helpful and extremely good idea how HeartBug works.
Simon RawsonSimon Rawson
02:32 07 Mar 24
I was impressed by HeartBug's level of care. I wore one for a couple of weeks recently. Any time there was an issue (such as forgetting to put it back on after swimming) they were onto me very quickly with a reminder or asking me for test recordings.
Aunt HeckAunt Heck
02:58 06 Mar 24
I cannot speak highly enough of HeartBug!! The concept is amazing and everything is so clearly explained. It is a huge improvement on the halter monitor! Very easy to manage, the ability to shower with it on... I hardly knew that I was wearing it. Plus the staff are wonderful - so supportive and always ready to help and responding so promptly to questions. A "heartfelt" thank you to HeartBug and to the dedicated staff!!The phone app is also excellent. Very reassuring to know that you can test to make sure that everything is connected after replacing the stickers. Plus immediate access from the app to text HeartBug with any queries.1 would 100% recommend this company and the technology for the diagnostic reasons it is required for.Many many thanks,Helen
Natalie SommerNatalie Sommer
21:09 22 Feb 24
Heart Bug is such an amazing service! After using a traditional heart halter monitor just before this (with so many wires, having to keep a written diary of events, not allowed to shower), this technology is an amazing leap forward! So easy to use with a fabulous support team, clear troubleshooting guides, able to shower with, barely noticeable on a daily basis and not interrupting to sleep. The app is very easy to use (love seeing the live ECG when testing everything is working fine!) and so easy to track events as they occur by just recording them in the app. Bonus that the bug is cute too. Congrats to the team on an amazing device that makes a health investigation of the heart so much easier and stress-free.
Kelvin HarrisKelvin Harris
04:41 12 Feb 24
I found the entire experience with HeartBug was brilliant. Their communication with me when something didn’t work perfectly was really good. The follow up communication was even better and very helpful. The original stickers were a bit itchy, however when I changed them I found the itchiness faded. The equipment that you wear is not intrusive and I hardly noticed it after the initial itching. There is lots of helpful information in the app and I like the idea that you can check the bug is working and all the information is being uploaded. As I said, a very good experience and thank you HeartBug for your support with the phone.
Sharon ConnerSharon Conner
20:16 07 Feb 24
The team at HeartBug were excellent. I had a question on a Saturday and a team member replied at once, even though the office was officially closed. When I needed the sensitive stickers, they arrived the next day. When I posted the equipment back to them, I was told when it arrived. The service was outstanding and I am most appreciative. Congratulations on your work ethic, and thank you

Why HeartBug?

All the best cardiologists in Australia use HeartBug because it provides 28 days of monitoring instead of the old-fashioned 1 day of Holter monitoring – so it’s 28x better! It’s brilliant for finding the arrhythmias which aren’t happening every day (those ones you want to record to prove to your cardiologist that they are happening) and it’s also the best monitor for finding Atrial Fibrillation (the most common and dangerous arrhythmia which can cause strokes.)

Here’s a quick comparison of HeartBug to other personal heart monitors:

1. Holter (1 day) has a diagnostic yield of around 7-10%. That means 90% of the time there’s no finding. Here’s the problem – if it shows nothing abnormal, it doesn’t mean you’re OK, just that your arrhythmia didn’t happen on that day. That’s why it’s not suitable for finding dangerous arrhythmias like Atrial Fibrillation. And while wearing a Holter for 3 or 7 days is better, it’s a far cry from 28 days.

2. Implantable Loop Recorders are great since they can monitor for a few years. But they need to be implanted in your chest which is a minor surgical procedure. A lot of the time they find your problem in the first month and then have to be removed, so why not try a HeartBug first?

3. Apple watch, Fitbit and Alivecor are not medical level monitors – they are consumer level (sure, you can make a recording, but it’s outside the medical system – the recordings are not ordered or reviewed by your cardiologist.) They do not monitor continuously (you have to touch them with both hands) so they miss most arrhythmias, and they record through your fingertips (not a proper ECG electrode on your chest). Worse, most smartwatches and Fitbits are not even recording the genuine electrical ECG signal, rather they just measure your heart rate using a bright green or red light called PPG (photoplethysmograph) which is notoriously inaccurate at higher heart rates.

Thousands of patients all around Australia are wearing HeartBugs right now. Every day we are saving lives and preventing strokes by finding dangerous heart problems and alerting cardiologists so patients can be treated immediately. Every day, patients are rushed in to hospital for lifesaving procedures after the HeartBug has found their arrhythmia.

Here are some amazing recordings which HeartBug has picked up:

Where to Find HeartBugs

HeartBug is a specialist monitoring service, so it is only available from cardiologists and hospitals. You will need to see your cardiologist first, and they will decide if HeartBug is clinically required.

Enter a suburb or postcode and click the find locations button.

My Cardiologist Doesn't Have HeartBugs

We spent 8 years travelling around Australia finding cardiologists and offering HeartBugs for free (that's right - we provide the world's best monitoring service free of charge! Medicare covers it when clinically indicated.) Around 750 of the 1,000 cardiologists in Australia welcomed us warmly and now offer HeartBugs. However, some did not.

If your cardiologist does not have HeartBugs, ask them these questions:
1. How effective will Holter be in picking up my symptoms and arrhythmia?
2. How much money are you making from the Holter monitor?
3. How confident are you to diagnose me with only 1 day of data?
4. Are you keeping up with the latest technologies? Or are you still happy using a monitor developed in 1949?

If you're not happy with the answers then find a better cardiologist. It's your life, choose your doctor carefully.