Message from Michael – our Founder

HeartBug was created for you – the patients.

Our mission is to provide you with the best cardiac monitoring on the planet in the most friendly and caring way possible.

So we invented a tiny personal ECG monitor which you can wear for up to 4 weeks (28 days) and assembled a team of cardiologists to analyse the results (not just normal cardiologists, but specialist electrophysiologist cardiologists.)

We think we’re doing great, but you don’t have to believe me – check out the latest reviews below.

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Lea GLea G
00:04 12 Jul 24
This little device is amazing. And how appropriate it is a little bug and you just have to keep its eyes facing upwards. You can do everything through the app even order more sticky patches which come really quickly. You can check it's connected properly- contact the team who are all so professional and kind and nothing is too much trouble. You can shower in the bug which is great. I'm sensitive to the patches but I knew just to change them regularly and move them slightly and everything worked a treat. You can contact the team by text or phone and they get back to you.They are amazing and this device is amazing. If I had to I'd wear it again I definitely would as it's not an inconvenience, you really don't know it's there.
Lynette ColeLynette Cole
09:27 11 Jul 24
I found the information provided with the Heartbug to be contradictory and confusing: for instance to change the sticker every 4/5 days, or to leave the sticker on until the end and it would fall off.It was unclear if the Heartbug was a recorder to be transcribed at Heartbug base once returned & thence the result forwarded to the GP; or that the Heartbug was actually a transmitter to Heartbug base, or go directly to the GP.The link between the sticker & the Bug was more suited to a tall man and I found it quite long & awkard winding it through & on top of my breast. No info was provided re the wearing of a bra given that the shoulder strap crosses the collarbone where the Bug is affixed.Thank you for your messages of care & I provide these thoughts constructively. Keep well & safe yourselves. Lyn
Geoff SpowartGeoff Spowart
05:55 11 Jul 24
HeartBug staff were very friendly and efficient. Every query was responded to promptly.
05:48 11 Jul 24
The whole process was easy and the communication from the Heartbug team was excellent.
Tracey GailTracey Gail
23:26 10 Jul 24
It was simple to use, affordable & reassuring.The staff were extremely friendly & efficient. A very easy experience.
Robert AllcockRobert Allcock
08:47 10 Jul 24
No problems at all wearing the Bug. The pads need changing more frequently if you exercise or sweat a lot.
Roxanne TuckerRoxanne Tucker
01:42 10 Jul 24
A great way to have continuous heart monitoring for 30 days in the comfort of your own home. Great support and communication from service provider - highly recommended
Shani DoyleShani Doyle
07:27 09 Jul 24
Cheryle RoyleCheryle Royle
04:13 08 Jul 24
Heart Bug is an exceptional service providing valuable information to Cardiologists and their patients. The staff were readily available to assist in any way and were always professional, warm & friendly.
Mike RichesMike Riches
03:58 08 Jul 24
This wonderful company developed the ECG heartbug which greatly helped accelerate the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of a family member. Fantastic piece of technology which helped improve their health management and outcome.Very grateful for the team involved and hope to see it being used elsewhere in the future.
Andy PAndy P
09:00 05 Jul 24
Great little product, with a very well designed, easy to use phone app, which had everything needed, very easily accessible, with the heart monitoring feature being particularly helpful.The Heart Bug Care Team's communication was nothing short of exceptional, answering any queries or providing information, super fast.I required additional skin pads and they were organized with the press of a button and were received in a little over 24 hours.The professional service and very prompt and helpful support, made the experience very easy and very straightforward.
Toni FanningToni Fanning
00:26 05 Jul 24
Following a TIA, I came home from hospital wearing HeartBug. Was great to know I was being monitored, follow up phone call, text messages. The team at HeartBug are Marvellous! Thank you so much. You have reduced my stress levels a hundred fold!♥️
Holger BrockmannHolger Brockmann
00:24 05 Jul 24
This amazing device may have saved my life. Need I say more? Thank you to the very kind team at HeartBug. Just a shame not enough people know about this magic technology.
gurvir singhgurvir singh
23:33 04 Jul 24
Care and concern received by adorable. Thank you so much.Stay Blessed Always 🙏⚘🙏
dream peopledream people
17:08 04 Jul 24
Happy with device & service. Amazing what it can do.. communication with service people was easy via text.
Stephen DoveyStephen Dovey
04:27 04 Jul 24
I went swimming most days and stickers became unstuck.I am a bit concerned about the analysis working out when I was exercising and distinguishing between that data and the possible times that it in AF? Do you easily recognise heart patterns during exercise?And lastly, I recorded times when I felt off but only realised late in the month that I could add a comment throat I felt nausea. Each time I recorded faint I actually meant nauseous.I also hit the record button by mistake twice… oops..Good support from the text messages tho’Cheers
Ray WilkinsonRay Wilkinson
22:36 03 Jul 24
What I linked was that it was relatively unobtrusive that I could shower with it and I’d swimming it was easy to remove and reinstall
Rieky HeydenRieky Heyden
22:56 02 Jul 24
Very professional and helpful. It’s a great invention and information given made the experience easy. I felt reassured especially when an issue occurred while sleeping. One I would not have know about. Now I can find the correct treatment needed. Thank you.
E JazzE Jazz
22:59 01 Jul 24
Comfortable to wear easy to sleep in and take off
Barry SwansonBarry Swanson
03:08 30 Jun 24
Kerry MeehanKerry Meehan
11:14 28 Jun 24
I found the Heartbug staff to be extremely proficient. They not only notified me when things were wrong they bent over backwards to help me remedy the situation - from faulty stickers to a dead battery in the bug. Nothing was too much trouble even the friendly reminders to do a daily test run. Thanks for all your help. Kerry
J DiazJ Diaz
02:06 28 Jun 24
Heart bug 🐞 excellent and efficient care for their clients.
Natasha NasrullaNatasha Nasrulla
23:25 27 Jun 24
The Heartbug ladies on the phone have been outstanding with helping me. I'm away quite a bit , and especially Liz was very helpful.
Heather SnapeHeather Snape
09:38 27 Jun 24
Lara was lovely to have looking after me as I am a very nervous person when it comes to technology. She was very patient and explained any thing I had to change with my lady bug so I could understand.. Thankyou LaraHeather
Mary SandstromMary Sandstrom
23:58 26 Jun 24
A very good service and quick responses to any query. 🐞
Jocelyn StixJocelyn Stix
05:33 26 Jun 24
My 82,yrs old husband had it for 26, days make me worried b'cuz my husband always forget to bring the mobile near him🥰 but I'm scared if not working but when i let the Heart Bug txt.explain it to me so i feel relief Thank you so much Lana🙏😘 and The rest of the Heart Bug Team. ❤️ God bless...
Stephen DoveyStephen Dovey
02:00 26 Jun 24
Jovanna KandicJovanna Kandic
05:33 25 Jun 24
Fantastic teamQuick and detailed response
Phil ColmanPhil Colman
00:54 24 Jun 24
An easy to wear bug and very comfortable. The bug itself needs to point upward, however any slight downwards pressure moves the bug out of its comfort zone. So it requires regular attention. An easy fix would if possible be to redesign the bug with the two clip on going vertically not horizontally. Any downward pressure would then not effect the buds eyes from pointing upwards.
peter simpsonpeter simpson
23:21 23 Jun 24
Janette ChaumontJanette Chaumont
02:24 22 Jun 24
I have recently used the heart bug to monitor a suspected atrial fibrillation. The device was non intrusive to daily activities a real hit with the grandkids. What a great invention thank you ❤️ 🐞
Jim MolesJim Moles
00:32 22 Jun 24
My Heart Bug became an instant hit with my 12 grandchildren who even now still ask to see it every time they visit. Whilst this is cute it belies the critically important role the Heart Bug plays in my stroke recovery. Thank you to the Heart Bug team for a great experience.
dilly dallandilly dallan
08:07 20 Jun 24
So impressed with the HeartBug and the support that is there through the process end to end. The app is easy to use and the device is so small (and really cute design, so it feels friendly not medical) that you don’t even notice you have it on. I’ve used it twice now over two years and never had any issues with connections - the monitoring support is active, personable, helpful and prompt. What is a concerning time of monitoring your heart, is actually an enjoyable experience. World class tech, a great user experience and support all the way through!
sharon sciasciasharon sciascia
05:46 18 Jun 24
The team at Heartbug are fabulous. Any queries I had were answered straight away, more stickers were sent immediately and all correspondence with them was kind, efficient and helpful. Great team of people 👍🏻👏🏻
Mani EswaranMani Eswaran
02:06 18 Jun 24
Hi HeartBug teamYou are all so kind and helpful and you make us feel secured and cared for 💕I really appreciate all your help especially Lana 😊💕🙏🏻She has been wonderful and kind to me.God bless you all 😇Kind regardsMrs Geetha Mani
Maree KeirsMaree Keirs
01:32 18 Jun 24
What a wonderful monitoring/recording invention. Great, easy to use phone app that you use in conjunction with the unit. The Care Team were excellent and monitored my unit from conception point. I had only worn the 'Bug' for 4 days when a Coronary doctor phoned me and told me to head to ER for further arrhythmias investigation. What a service!!The care team were wonderful and it is more than obvious that they really do care for their patients. I cannot thank them enough for not only their professionalism but their genuine concern and caring. To all the staff involved within the Care Team, I cannot emphasise how grateful I am. Thank you ever so much and I wish you all well.
Alex LampeAlex Lampe
00:01 18 Jun 24
The heart bug team always pleasant and exreamly helpful thankyou
Doreen ZimbosDoreen Zimbos
12:47 17 Jun 24
I wore my HeartBug for almost one month and found it easy to wear.I quickly got used to reattaching it when it was disconnected or when I had to change the stick on clips. When I had a problem I rang the company and got straight through to a helpful person who quickly sorted out the problem. If I disconnected the bug unknowingly I was immediately texted to let me know. Even though I didn’t understand the reading I found them interesting
Patricia WadwellPatricia Wadwell
04:14 17 Jun 24
The Heart Bug was easy to use and i was able to shower with it on. The staff are very helpful and i was happy with the service. Thank you so much. I ordered more stickers and they arrived in a few days. I am so grateful to the staff for their help.
shahrazad bilalshahrazad bilal
23:03 16 Jun 24
Team were very helpful and professional. The bug was very cute specially its eyes keeps looking at me 😂.
Liza BrownLiza Brown
04:09 15 Jun 24
They are reliable, helps and assists their patients well, and closely monitor them as well. Very easy to use and didnt come accross any issues at all.
05:25 14 Jun 24
Isn’t technology great?I anxiously awaiting the results.
Jackie HarringtonJackie Harrington
01:54 13 Jun 24
The instructions for the HeartBug device were so easy to follow, and i had no problems with wearing it. The support from the staff was terrific. Wearing the device after a stroke, put me at ease knowing i was being monitored. Thank you!
Pat WightleyPat Wightley
07:01 12 Jun 24
The team monitoring the device were very prompt, send through text msgs and reply quickly. Amazing.
Yvonne WhitmoreYvonne Whitmore
03:55 12 Jun 24
The Heart bug team were very careing, the service when I was having problems with my little bug, which my small granddaughter called bella the beatle, was exceptional😊😊
sebastien boyersebastien boyer
01:27 12 Jun 24
Really easy to use and non invasive. Great support from the heartbug team.
Karen RobinsonKaren Robinson
22:34 10 Jun 24
Jen FalluJen Fallu
02:47 08 Jun 24
The app works perfectly - you can see your heart rate at any time. You can do a recording, and you can note what the symptoms are. It was fantastic. I could have done with 2 extra stickers as they get itchy after being on for a few days, but there wasn’t enough time for them to post them out to me so I had to make do towards the end. The team are available to text if you need anything. 10 out of 10 experience - it was great. I’m very grateful that I was able to borrow the HeartBug and use it to get my heart recorded over a month. Thank you to the HeartBug team!
Peter KrausePeter Krause
02:51 07 Jun 24
The heartbug is an invaluable device to assist and the people in support are absolutely wonderful, patient and very fast in resolving any issues, if which there were only minor ones. Thank you
tinacraig wrighttinacraig wright
21:58 06 Jun 24
Very easy to wear, non invasive device. Provides opportunities to capture irregularities as they arise. Support team is awesome, quick to respond, attentive to details, easy communication.Thank you
Gordon DevrellGordon Devrell
08:25 06 Jun 24
The only problem for me was the number of times the app did not show at least a regular rhythm it included extreme highs and many plateau lines.
Carol HassallCarol Hassall
06:27 06 Jun 24
The staff at Heartbug are very friendly and helpful. Any problems I had were soon resolved and responses were immediate.I would strongly recommend using Heartbug.
Jeanne McLachlanJeanne McLachlan
06:03 06 Jun 24
Thank you for your constant support and quick txt time when a question is put forth
05:48 06 Jun 24
A wonderful team who make every effort for their patients.Thanks you
Judith LedgerJudith Ledger
05:44 06 Jun 24
I found the heart bug very easy to wear. I did need a few more sticky connections than I had but other than that it was very easy. I needed to contact the HeartBug team and found them very helpful and friendly. I would highly recommend this device and the staff.
Fiona ZFiona Z
06:55 05 Jun 24
The heart bug team were great and kept in constant contact during the month I had it on! The process was easy and the bug was unobtrusive! I had a bit of skin irritation but was sent some hypoallergenic ECG dots which helped heaps! Thanks 🙏
Mark HughesMark Hughes
11:15 04 Jun 24
I had to wear the heartbug monitor for 2 weeks. I did have a bit of trouble with the adhesive, as I am generally a bit allergic to the stickers used in ECG's. But apart from that the heartbug was reasonably unobtrusive. The Heartbug staff were very responsive, friendly and helpful whenever I contacted them.
Ruth ParryRuth Parry
09:31 04 Jun 24
Yes it was hard but also necessary.My skin was getting sensitive along the way.Then you had to remember to have your phone with you all the time. I had quite a few seniors moments of forgetting initially but picked up on that quickly.I would suggest that the bug should be able to send you a signal of some sort when you start to get too far from your phone.At the end of the day, thankyou for your incredible technology.
Rema Atra ChadrawyRema Atra Chadrawy
20:09 30 May 24
Helpful Staff they make you feel so comfortable. Thankyou🙏
Julie WelchJulie Welch
05:20 30 May 24
Very warm and helpful approach to not only installing but assisting on the journey, excellent bunch of people to deal with
Lucia LdegLucia Ldeg
04:23 30 May 24
I am very happy with Hearbug overall. Despite some occasional issues, it went well. The only thing I would change is the recording process. When I am experiencing a feeling in my heart and want to record it, I would prefer to first make the recording and then, at the end, include my comments on what I was feeling, rather than the other way around
Janet FletcherJanet Fletcher
02:38 29 May 24
Helpful staff and easy to use monitoring. Picked up AF as suspected.
Sheila ScarlettSheila Scarlett
01:26 29 May 24
The HeartBug team were absolutely fabulous. Warm and friendly, helpful and approachable. I can't thank them enough for their care. I recommend them 100 percent. I would like to add that the HeartBug itself was amazing, small, comfortable and easy to use, what a blessing for all patients and doctors needing results over many days.
Jim TJim T
05:39 28 May 24
My Dr wanted me to wear a "Bug" for 28 days to monitor my 'episodes'. Overnight the Bug clip came off twice, the first one the snap on clip came apart & I clicked it back on when I awoke. The second time the whole sticky patch came off on the second last night - I re-attached both new stickers & reconnected both ends but could not reconnect with the Bug - after several attempts during the day - with no success - I removed the Bug & stickers before bed.The Bug was returned by post the next morning, & subsequent texts to & from the health care team at Bug HQ confirmed that the internal battery most likely went flat.Only negative was the slight itch from the small rash under the stickers (relocated onto a different spot each change)All up a pleasant experience & I await the report from my Dr.
Dean BurgessDean Burgess
05:36 28 May 24
The Heart Bug team have been great and the device is easy to fit and comfortable to wear.
john clowesjohn clowes
22:15 27 May 24
Very helpful and always patient and prompt in explaining the operation of the bug
Jean BurnJean Burn
06:43 27 May 24
Wonderful service and any questions answered quickly! Would recommend it,!
Sharon NewmanSharon Newman
04:13 27 May 24
Thank you very happy with information provided although no results yet, staff at heartbug were patient and helpful
George NiagosGeorge Niagos
01:37 27 May 24
Very easy to use the HeartBug.Excellent communication from the support team.The app that you use on the phone which I used Android worked perfectly.
Patrice ButsonPatrice Butson
01:30 27 May 24
Lovely staff and extremely helpful. Fantastic app also that makes the whole process very simple. Special thanks to Lana for all her help!
I used the heartbug for 28 days and it was the easiest and most convenient 24 hour heart monitor I have ever used. Staff were quick to respond to enquiries and send out extra patches. I highly recommend this product and company for quality, ease of use and customer service. Thanks heartbug.
Balazs MolnarBalazs Molnar
08:20 23 May 24
My experience was smooth and trouble free,except for the battery needing replacement.this was carried out with the minimum of inconvenience .Any enquiry was handled with clarity and with a caring response
Azizer El-KheirAzizer El-Kheir
06:16 23 May 24
Jackie AsheJackie Ashe
01:41 23 May 24
The heart bug monitor is such an easy device to wear, I'm very impressed with it. The team are so helpful too.
Therese KotzTherese Kotz
12:23 22 May 24
I had to wear the HeartBug for seven days. It was so much better than the holter monitor. It just sticks on and you can shower with it on. Having the phone app was excellent you could check that it was working.The Care Team were there to answer my questions. They notified me when my bug was unattached. They were there from the start till the end. Then they let me know they received the bug and also let me know that the report has been sent to the DrThe care team really care about their patients. I can't thank them enough for being so professional and caring.I would recommend the Heart Bug Team to anyone having to have their heart monitored.Thank you Care Team and keep up the fantastic work you do for your patientsKind RegardsTherese
Annie ChurchillAnnie Churchill
05:52 22 May 24
Great communication & support from the team & a simple device to apply & wear. The device is not identified when clothed. Some skin reaction on tab sites but removing the old tab, gently wash with a very mild ph neutral skin lotion & reapply a new tab along side solved this issue. It's pertinent to review your app daily & run the "just testing" daily device review. A great service for home monitoring!
Roger EvansRoger Evans
05:43 22 May 24
Initially I had problems with the pads itching and so sprayed my skin with Dermaid as recommended. Unfortunately the electrode pads then didn’t stick well enough and kept falling off.The check information to see whether the bug was working properly was very useful.
Melissa JohnstonMelissa Johnston
07:31 21 May 24
Thank-you to the Hearbug Team. My debillitating and potentially fatal heart condition was diagnosed as Atrial Fibrillation. Your wonderful organisation phoned my Cardiologist and sent through a reading immediately after a significant heart episode. I now have a much better quality of life, due to starting Afib medication the day after. Thank-you for potentially saving my life.
Samir IbrahimSamir Ibrahim
23:56 20 May 24
The heartbug is so light and effective, that I forgot sometimes that it was there. Their customer service team is also nice, friendly and clear in explaining whats happening. Its much more effective, obviously, than a one day ECG monitor to identify heart issues. and the one day-ECG Monitor is tolerable but cumbersome with too much wiring, but a 28-day Heartbug has got just a single wiring, light, comfortable, and a miracle of Tech by itself. Overall I recommend the heartbug for anyone with actual or suspected heart issues, to pinpoint exactly the type of issues the patient got.
mignon sheltonmignon shelton
00:16 20 May 24
Heart Bug was so easy to wear and I forgot I had it attached most of the time. So grateful to get month long record of heart so a correct diagnosis can be made. Great communication from the Heart Bug Team Thankyou
ju eun leeju eun lee
22:18 19 May 24
07:04 19 May 24
Great service, easy to fit and wear, easy app to help monitor properly fitted device. Additional stickers were sent when you need. Itchy skin can be helped by using the recommended creams and spray if needed. A fast report to the specialist at the end of the monitoring. Very thorough service, recommended.
05:04 18 May 24
Seemless and easy experience. The little bug did its job very well. Thank you for your help and support
Kobe TitleyKobe Titley
23:47 16 May 24
Professional, caring, prompt and organised.
Margaret KlaassenMargaret Klaassen
23:38 16 May 24
The staff were just wonderful, helped me at every obstacle, the only thing the tap really hurt my skin I think you need to change the pads everyday otherwise everything worked like clockwork. Thank you to the wonderful staff
Coral FinlayCoral Finlay
02:23 16 May 24
Wonderful people
Bruce ChapmanBruce Chapman
01:59 16 May 24
It may be a strange thing to say, but this has been a pleasant experience. The HeartBug team have been extremely prompt and helpful and deserve high praise for their excellent service. Well done Guys!
Julie AllenJulie Allen
01:20 16 May 24
Thanks Heart Bug team. Answered my plea for more stickers promptly. Appreciate your support
gary steedengary steeden
23:03 15 May 24
Tamara HoodTamara Hood
06:25 15 May 24
John SumptonJohn Sumpton
06:09 15 May 24
Grahame PrattGrahame Pratt
06:05 15 May 24
alison schienaalison schiena
06:53 14 May 24
The customer service is amazing and the staff so helpful and supportive
Amanda CavanaghAmanda Cavanagh
22:35 13 May 24
maria Pellegrinomaria Pellegrino
22:34 13 May 24
Many thanks to the HeartBug team. Your kindness helping me with some questions I had was outstanding.Thank you all.
Leslie BothaLeslie Botha
06:32 13 May 24
A very big Thank You to the Heart bug team, you guys do a fantastic job, found you friendly, piolet and always ready to help, certainly makes it a lot less stressful and Liz thanks for all your patience and caring help, this is the 2nd time heartbug has come to my aid, thank you all 😄👍regards les botha
jim wrightjim wright
00:55 13 May 24
The girls in the heart bug team were very efficient and easy to talk to.A couple of minor problems we had were fixed quickly and efficiently.They are great to deal with
01:44 11 May 24
Lana and the HeartBug team were very helpful and responded promptly to questions via text. The only suggestion for improvement would be to supply more dots, as they did cause skin irritation and I needed to change them more frequently than suggested.
Loretta DavidsonLoretta Davidson
11:59 10 May 24
Always very kind and caring and super helpful if I had any trouble with my Heart Bug
Anna GowanAnna Gowan
04:20 10 May 24
Excellent communication/ patient care.
Patrick BoylePatrick Boyle
02:29 10 May 24
HeartBug team is the best in the biz! Not that I have any experience with cardiology monitoring tech outside of my HeartBug, but I can still say it with confidence. Chuck em a text or give them a call and they’re all over it. Special shout out to Liz, too, who really helped me out of an administrative jam.Bug girl for life!! x
Darren SquiresDarren Squires
01:05 10 May 24
Heart bug has been fantastic during my time using it with great communication and support.would definitely recommend there service
Trina WilsonTrina Wilson
00:14 09 May 24
I have worn the heartbug for 28 days and during this time have been provided with excellent support from Lily and the heartbug monitoring team. They were patient, kind and helpful; answering all of my questions quickly. Thanks, Heartbug Team!
Christine SmithersChristine Smithers
06:12 08 May 24
Excellent support
Lainey CameronLainey Cameron
01:53 08 May 24
Help was always friendly, knowledgeable and personalised.
Vicki LeeVicki Lee
00:17 08 May 24
Heartbug helped capture my irregular heartbeat and picked up that my heart was not beating correctly and it once stage my heart stopped for six seconds while I slept. I am now fitted with the pacemaker that will help my heart beat regularlyThis device is easy to wear ,discrete, you can wear it while you shower, why you sleep and go about your day I found it to be a good product.VL
Darren HallDarren Hall
22:51 07 May 24
Excellent after care service, always prompt to let me know if something was wrong or I needed to send something through
07:39 07 May 24
Excellent communication. Would have liked more stickers 🙂
Chelsea BolchChelsea Bolch
01:19 07 May 24
Amazing team went above and beyond and made sure things were going smoothly stayed in contact throughout the whole process couldn't fault a single thing they were fantastic to deal with
Rick WraightRick Wraight
21:48 06 May 24
Highly professional service by very caring staff. At no time did Patricia feel she wasn’t being looked after at the highest level .
00:26 06 May 24
The team at Heart Bug were especially helpful and responsive, making a great effort to get my results to the consultant prior to my appointment. Their communication couldn’t have been better.
Mia MooMia Moo
23:04 05 May 24
Found wearing the bug suitable for the duration that l was required to wear itI had slight irritation from patches but was easily rectified withadvice from call centre
Andrew JungAndrew Jung
22:14 05 May 24
The heart bug teams are brilliant. They were so helpful and promptly responded. Very supportive teams!
Dorothy FountainDorothy Fountain
05:45 03 May 24
The HeartBug team was so helpful and accommodating. I didn't have any problems, but if I needed to check anything, they very promptly replied. The HeartBug itself was easy to use, and putting new stickers on was no problem at all. I initially had a few problems with the stickers making my skin itchy, but the team told me to buy a spray to put on the area, and it helped immensely. Thank you.
22:38 30 Apr 24
I cannot thank the wonderful team at HeartBug enough. Their service was wonderful and I was able to contact them at any time when I was wearing the monitor and they would reply so quickly. The monitor itself was incredibly easy to use & not at all uncomfortable. Thanks to the wonderful team at HeartBug my cardiologist was able to pinpoint exactly what my heart problem was and I no longer look like the crazy lady that was imagining things. This incredible little gadget & the amazing team behind it may well have saved my life.
Emmanuel CoroneosEmmanuel Coroneos
07:04 30 Apr 24
I'm writing this on behalf of my wife Clayre who is recovering well thanks to the Heart Bug..her condition was intermittent and didn't show up on routine examinations..however, within days of wearing the Heart Bug her Cardiologist was notified that a problem had shown up and within a further few days a Pacemaker was in place.She now has returned to normal activities thanks to the Heart Bug!.
Brett ThomsonBrett Thomson
06:04 30 Apr 24
The HeartBug Team are truly wonderful and can't thank them all enough for the service and care they provide...a very big thank you to all❤️
Dianne TarranDianne Tarran
01:42 30 Apr 24
Heart bug easy to wearStaff very helpful and supportive at all times
Rachael ChanRachael Chan
22:36 29 Apr 24
Heartbug is such a convenient design for patients to use. Technical support has been excellent.
Malcolm HargreavesMalcolm Hargreaves
12:02 29 Apr 24
Great device.
Lisa PetschowLisa Petschow
01:23 27 Apr 24
I wore the heart bug monitor for a week. It was super easy to apply. Definitely change the stickers daily as you will get irritated skin after a few days. The app was fantastic if I ever got palpitations I just interacted with the App, the staff called me when I initially set it up & when I took it off I recommend the Heartbug to anyone that needs to have the heart monitored through their Cardiologist.
Fred GaloustianFred Galoustian
01:07 27 Apr 24
I’ve just spent 28 days being monitored by the heart bug, thank you so much for your care and attention shown during my monitoring you guys go over and above. I have only love and respect for all the work you do.Many thanks,
matt ayelematt ayele
04:38 26 Apr 24
Second to none! excellent staff! They will answer any concern you may have in a timely manner! I felt safe wearing it, knowing they are keeping an eye on my heart.
Riza EstradaRiza Estrada
07:01 24 Apr 24
John PorteusJohn Porteus
10:27 21 Apr 24
Kellie GonzalezKellie Gonzalez
02:18 19 Apr 24
The HeartBug team are a warm and caring bunch of individuals that made sure the process was seamless. The whole experience was very user friendly and simple. What a great concept which gave me incredible peace of mind. Thankyou.
John StarickJohn Starick
07:16 17 Apr 24
Charlie BurnessCharlie Burness
00:27 17 Apr 24
The Heart Bug team are a very caring, professional group. Their communication and support throughout the experience was exceptional and this made what would otherwise be a tedious task a pleasant one
Rosa ScolloRosa Scollo
03:17 16 Apr 24
I had a very good experienceStaff were very helpful and in constant contact to make sure everything was going wellThank you Heartbug team
James WardJames Ward
06:00 15 Apr 24
54yr old Male,6 week journey after having 2 strokes to the Cerebellum (balance part of your brain)Week 3 received a HeartBug (named mine VDub) from the HB team.Everything was explained in a very professional manner & put into layman’s terms as I had difficulty storing information after my stroke so very grateful time was taken & only left when they knew I understood everything.Very well designed (even though it occasionally can become disconnected from the pads in your sleep) spare sticky pads are provided. Personally suffering anxiety all my life the HeartBug gave me subconscious peace of mind knowing I was being kind of monitored/looked after when no-one was around. Very clear & precise communication too via the app & text messaging service.Thanks again HB Team.Regards,James.
Elizabeth MitchellElizabeth Mitchell
02:47 12 Apr 24
Being told that you need to wear a Heart Bug for an extended time is scary enough, even though you know it is the best way to assess how your heart is working. Finding that wearing one properly was not always so simple, was disconcerting.I contacted the Heart Bug team and sent pics, to find the best way of wearing the sticky connectors, that had been falling off too easily. The team was so patient and helpful and they taught me how best to get the Bug to work. They willingly worked through the issue with me until we found a solution - and they were caring and friendly - not annoyed at my questions. I truly felt supported. Thanks Heart Bug team! ❤️
I have been extremely pleased with the staff at Heart Bug. They have at all times been very responsive.
Barry LeeBarry Lee
08:44 11 Apr 24
I have found the Heartbug team are caring and offer the best care to help there patients get there best prognosis to assist there Doctor for there ongoing treatment. I ❤️ them.
Jeanie LeserJeanie Leser
02:06 11 Apr 24
Carole HolmesCarole Holmes
07:29 09 Apr 24
Thank you to the team of HeartBug . I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful caring staff, so very very professional and so very helpful.They answered all my questions and sent out new stickers when I needed them.I am very grateful for your wonderful service . The HeartBug was an awesome device so easy to wear and extremely efficient. Thank you kindly Carole Holmes.
Sebastian PerezSebastian Perez
04:40 04 Apr 24
The bug itself was a struggle. Left lacerations on my skin and now scared . The people were extremely helpful. Very nice 5 stars to them .
Libby HardyLibby Hardy
08:57 03 Apr 24
The HeartBug was easy to wear. Good communication with HeartBug staff when needed. I would fully recommend this 28 day programme. Thank you.
Greg ElliottGreg Elliott
05:37 03 Apr 24
I believe when you receive professional advice and support you should recognise the organisation or person's involved. It is very comforting when you feel you are being looked after. To often you are only a number but with the advice I have received from HeartBug I am very grateful for their assistance and advice I have received. 10 out of the 10 from me. Regards Greg Elliott.
Narelle RoughleyNarelle Roughley
05:15 02 Apr 24
I totally recommend the Heart Bug for everyone that has a heart condition because it gives him a peace of mind and it’s on them monitoring 24 seven for 28 days. It’s absolutely a terrific technology. Thank you Heart Bug for everything that you have done to try and find out what has happened to my heart And it will be grateful my heart specialist find out what is the best treatment in the future thank you So very much really appreciate everything and what you have done. Cheers Narelle Roughley
Johnathon KodiakJohnathon Kodiak
00:01 02 Apr 24
Very easy to use comfortable I had a few allergic reactions to the stickers but then you would expect to those types of things tend to irritate the skin easy enough just to take the stickers off and clean the area and put a new sticker in a slightly different place no big deal no trouble keeping is on during sleep customer service was friendly fast and efficient million times better then the Holter heart monitor no stress during the whole month of using the heart bug and it was cute LoL 🤣
Cheryl JamesCheryl James
23:10 01 Apr 24
Staff at Heart Bug are excellent.
Frances McEwenFrances McEwen
04:35 28 Mar 24
Bernadette TapscottBernadette Tapscott
20:49 22 Mar 24
I can’t thank the HeartBug team enough for months long support and patience making sure it was working properly to get the most accurate data needed. Greatly appreciated all the messages and contact that kept me connected accurately. Awesome team doing an amazing job
Vicki RobbVicki Robb
03:01 19 Mar 24
Fitting of the Heart Bug monitor was quick and easy. Everything was explained to me - how it works what to do if there's a problem. Non-invasive so no problems wearing it. Communication with the Heart Bug Team was great👍
Kym MillerKym Miller
04:06 18 Mar 24
The service level during a four week monitoring period was exceptionally highAnd pleasant !
Mel SmithMel Smith
05:47 12 Mar 24
I wore a Heartbug for one month and the time actually went by really quickly! I didn’t have to make too many changes to my life, it was easy to use the app and the Heartbug team sent friendly texts whenever they needed to get in touch with me.My skin got a little bit irritated, but I was able to move the sticker to a slightly different area so it wasn’t as bad.Overall I had a really good experience and think it’s a fantastic way to do 24/7 monitoring.
Ken MillerKen Miller
01:18 12 Mar 24
Service was outstanding, helpful staff and exceptional response to my enquiries! 5 stars.
Tanya HardinTanya Hardin
23:34 11 Mar 24
HeartBug was very easy to wear & did not get in the way at all. The support is very good with the HeartBug team replying to questions extremely quickly & also letting you know if the connections were not getting through. Highly recommend!!!!
Lynne McnabLynne Mcnab
04:24 11 Mar 24
Very caring and helpful and extremely good idea how HeartBug works.
Simon RawsonSimon Rawson
02:32 07 Mar 24
I was impressed by HeartBug's level of care. I wore one for a couple of weeks recently. Any time there was an issue (such as forgetting to put it back on after swimming) they were onto me very quickly with a reminder or asking me for test recordings.
Aunt HeckAunt Heck
02:58 06 Mar 24
I cannot speak highly enough of HeartBug!! The concept is amazing and everything is so clearly explained. It is a huge improvement on the halter monitor! Very easy to manage, the ability to shower with it on... I hardly knew that I was wearing it. Plus the staff are wonderful - so supportive and always ready to help and responding so promptly to questions. A "heartfelt" thank you to HeartBug and to the dedicated staff!!The phone app is also excellent. Very reassuring to know that you can test to make sure that everything is connected after replacing the stickers. Plus immediate access from the app to text HeartBug with any queries.1 would 100% recommend this company and the technology for the diagnostic reasons it is required for.Many many thanks,Helen
Natalie SommerNatalie Sommer
21:09 22 Feb 24
Heart Bug is such an amazing service! After using a traditional heart halter monitor just before this (with so many wires, having to keep a written diary of events, not allowed to shower), this technology is an amazing leap forward! So easy to use with a fabulous support team, clear troubleshooting guides, able to shower with, barely noticeable on a daily basis and not interrupting to sleep. The app is very easy to use (love seeing the live ECG when testing everything is working fine!) and so easy to track events as they occur by just recording them in the app. Bonus that the bug is cute too. Congrats to the team on an amazing device that makes a health investigation of the heart so much easier and stress-free.
Kelvin HarrisKelvin Harris
04:41 12 Feb 24
I found the entire experience with HeartBug was brilliant. Their communication with me when something didn’t work perfectly was really good. The follow up communication was even better and very helpful. The original stickers were a bit itchy, however when I changed them I found the itchiness faded. The equipment that you wear is not intrusive and I hardly noticed it after the initial itching. There is lots of helpful information in the app and I like the idea that you can check the bug is working and all the information is being uploaded. As I said, a very good experience and thank you HeartBug for your support with the phone.
Sharon ConnerSharon Conner
20:16 07 Feb 24
The team at HeartBug were excellent. I had a question on a Saturday and a team member replied at once, even though the office was officially closed. When I needed the sensitive stickers, they arrived the next day. When I posted the equipment back to them, I was told when it arrived. The service was outstanding and I am most appreciative. Congratulations on your work ethic, and thank you

Why HeartBug?

All the best cardiologists in Australia use HeartBug because it provides 28 days of monitoring instead of the old-fashioned 1 day of Holter monitoring – so it’s 28x better! It’s brilliant for finding the arrhythmias which aren’t happening every day (those ones you want to record to prove to your cardiologist that they are happening) and it’s also the best monitor for finding Atrial Fibrillation (the most common and dangerous arrhythmia which can cause strokes.)

Here’s a quick comparison of HeartBug to other personal heart monitors:

1. Holter (1 day) has a diagnostic yield of around 7-10%. That means 90% of the time there’s no finding. Here’s the problem – if it shows nothing abnormal, it doesn’t mean you’re OK, just that your arrhythmia didn’t happen on that day. That’s why it’s not suitable for finding dangerous arrhythmias like Atrial Fibrillation. And while wearing a Holter for 3 or 7 days is better, it’s a far cry from 28 days.

2. Implantable Loop Recorders are great since they can monitor for a few years. But they need to be implanted in your chest which is a minor surgical procedure. A lot of the time they find your problem in the first month and then have to be removed, so why not try a HeartBug first?

3. Apple watch, Fitbit and Alivecor are not medical level monitors – they are consumer level (sure, you can make a recording, but it’s outside the medical system – the recordings are not ordered or reviewed by your cardiologist.) They do not monitor continuously (you have to touch them with both hands) so they miss most arrhythmias, and they record through your fingertips (not a proper ECG electrode on your chest). Worse, most smartwatches and Fitbits are not even recording the genuine electrical ECG signal, rather they just measure your heart rate using a bright green or red light called PPG (photoplethysmograph) which is notoriously inaccurate at higher heart rates.

Thousands of patients all around Australia are wearing HeartBugs right now. Every day we are saving lives and preventing strokes by finding dangerous heart problems and alerting cardiologists so patients can be treated immediately. Every day, patients are rushed in to hospital for lifesaving procedures after the HeartBug has found their arrhythmia.

Here are some amazing recordings which HeartBug has picked up:

Where to Find HeartBugs

HeartBug is a specialist monitoring service, so it is only available from cardiologists and hospitals. You will need to see your cardiologist first, and they will decide if HeartBug is clinically required.

Enter a suburb or postcode and click the find locations button.

My Cardiologist Doesn't Have HeartBugs

We spent 8 years travelling around Australia finding cardiologists and offering HeartBugs for free (that's right - we provide the world's best monitoring service free of charge! Medicare covers it when clinically indicated.) Around 750 of the 1,000 cardiologists in Australia welcomed us warmly and now offer HeartBugs. However, some did not.

If your cardiologist does not have HeartBugs, ask them these questions:
1. How effective will Holter be in picking up my symptoms and arrhythmia?
2. How much money are you making from the Holter monitor?
3. How confident are you to diagnose me with only 1 day of data?
4. Are you keeping up with the latest technologies? Or are you still happy using a monitor developed in 1949?

If you're not happy with the answers then find a better cardiologist. It's your life, choose your doctor carefully.